Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Friday, June 27, 2008

not my fault

ok. so its last day of work today. YEY! ahh. ill get money. :P and i get to sleep late! finally!!! im soooo tired i dont know what i wouldve done if i wouldve had to come to work next week. TIRED!! but then like ill leave to florida, and ill have to wake up early again!! s h i t.
the weather sucks btw. big time. theres some serious ugly happening outside 24/7! its always raining, or then its fucking cold and windy. it was fucking warmer in janyary. -.- ÌHATETHIS!
im sooooo bored. and im boring you too now. sorryz for that ones againnn. but its your choise to read this shit you know. you cant be blaiming me for everything all the time. i mean. yes, i know most of the things that happen are caused by me (like e.g. earth quakes and wars and stuff), but im not the reason youre reading this. or am i?? o.O
k, well i need to start "working" now..
i hate your ugly ass.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


yey. my host is nice. i mean the one im gonna be staying with in floridahhh. btw. 20 days. YEYEYYEYEYYEYEY!!! but im gonna die. :(
you wanna know why ill die? (haha. that sounds cool, "why ill die") are you sure you want to know? absolutely sure? cos you know, it can be kinda shocking.
(drums please)
a shocker right. its hot in florida during summer. now that is weird. but OMGs im sooooo gonna die. :S can someone please turn the heat off somehow?? i mean like ahhhhh. ill have to walk around basically naked. (im not gonna walk around naked)
well i gotta work. cos im a busybusy woman. not

Sunday, June 15, 2008

zomg, internet !

heyy honey keep posting its nice to read it. but im not rly able to go on the internet, at least not for a suckss.
flight was k, and by k i mean it wsnt OMGGOOD but it was k. i bn eating so much´, lol :D uhh we were at my grandparents and now were at my other grandparents, like really. big surprise. but tmro well go to other cities, like alll around the country and dunno when im gonna see my friendz yet. and then il have to drive too yayy :d and shop shopshop. gonna start that tmro. i have to buy a phone card and then clothess:D
ah its so annoying, i cant go on msn or facebook :C only these sucky websitess. like not yet

bah its nice here the weather is like in finland, no big temperatures yet so its all cool.
i hate hungarian tv tho. they sub all the shitty movies and shiz. now theres some rly lame movie on tv but id rather enjoy ha....................................................

wow im gona stop now cuz now they started to piss me off. BOOOOOOOO !

Friday, June 13, 2008


and its friday the 13th today so like... watch out for teletubbies and stuff. they might fall on you.


tear. tear. tear. nori leaves today. im soooo sad. or like im sooooooooo happy for her. but im gonna miss her. tear. and oh well, shell come back. so like what ever. idontcare. yes i do. not.
im going to hanko today. like yeahhhh. just gonna hang there and eaaaaatttt. tons. ill get so fat i can't fit on the train back. no i wont. cos im perfect. yey. dont you like me being perfect. i like me being perfect. partyyy. not. yesyesyes.
everyone else is going to provinssi rock. i wanna go too!! they have like billy talent, linkin park, foo fighters, paramore, apulanta, kotiteollisuus.... ahhhhhh. I WANNA GOOOOOO!!!!! shitwhydomyparentshavetobeso..myparents?! its so unfair!!!! but next year im gonna go to like ruisrock and provinssi and and and... you know what i mean. im gonna be everywhere. like if you look to the right, im there. and if you look to the left, im there too. awesome, huh? coooolioooo.
i wanna go to provinssi.
hmmm. i need to spend like umm.. 2 hours and 35 minutes (which is something like 9300 seconds(?)).... hmmm. i could go shopping... but im saving money. hmm. ive been spending sooooo much again lately. -.- hmmm... maybe ill figure something out.
watch charlie the unicorn on youtube. thank you. see ya all sometime.
elvis has left the building.
puhunki suomee ni kukaa ei tajuu. lällää.
xoxo gossip girl

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

28 days.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

not a spoiler warning. no spoilers

i will never wear shoes again. :( i woke up like a million times last night cos i have so many blisters in my feet on they huuuuuurttt. yes i know. its my own fault. but god damn i love those shoes! k. enough about that.
who wants to hear a spoiler??? i wont tell it, cause nori hasnt seen the movie yet. im not that mean. but go and see the movie. cos its GGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDD. i luv it. like duh totally yeah baby. ok ill shut up. oh yeah and i was talking about sex and the city.
blaaaahblaaaah. pineapple.
i ate watermelon today.
is anyone else bored? im reaaaaallly bored. like anyone cares. tear.
noris leaving this fridayyy. omg its friday the 13th. omg weird. well whatever. yes ill shut up
xoxo gossip girl
haha. byes. yeah. something better next time not but yes.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

p.s. i failed maths.
oh yeah. and skins is coolio.


noris crying cos she almost killed a bug. someone please, make her happy. u know what i mean. ;) haha. noris gonna hate me for this. haha. tear. wannabebugkiller.


shoesshoes. ahh. i loooooove my new shoes. they have like 10cm heels. looooove them! but. yes there is a but. auchh! my feet hurt like hell. cos theyre kinda too small. kinda. yeah. but like i like them sooo much. its kinda weird. like i use them though it hurts. pretty stupid. and this is boring. hmmm. what do u want to read about. nothing? well if u dont want to read, you should stop reading. but you wont. cos you want to read. dont ya. yes yes very nice. boringdomneeeeessss!! SWIM AWAY FUGUFISH!!! whatever. bored. ilikehim. heartnote. yey. party. not. shut up.
cya. byes. sorryz. im gonna.. umm dunno. ill write something better next time. i promise. NOT. ok. im really gonna stop cos this is a waste of time. boringdomness.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


is this making any sense? IS ITT????


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

so tell me what happened

whoa, last week of school. its kinda weird and i cant feel it yet, and muhq cant either. i know this because she told me. but right now id say that im gonna miss school a bit. a little bit. this periods been so fun! not listening on the lessons, etc.. and still i hope im gonna pass all my exams. well, except for french.
i mean, je ne parle pas francais. like not at all. except that much. its kind of sad, given that i could be able to speak it since i was really small, it would have been easy but i dont, and i find it extremely difficult, so im starting to think i wont. well, i cant take any french classes next year anyway, basically im dropping it, why would i be then boverd to even take this course? no point, oh welllllllllll
school ends, friends graduation party, etc, a bit of work and then byebye finland see ya later. yay!
i realllly need a change. everythings just been a messss.


yeah, ryan rulz!

no lame pics this time
*corrected according to ms. no1 fan