Tuesday, June 10, 2008

not a spoiler warning. no spoilers

i will never wear shoes again. :( i woke up like a million times last night cos i have so many blisters in my feet on they huuuuuurttt. yes i know. its my own fault. but god damn i love those shoes! k. enough about that.
who wants to hear a spoiler??? i wont tell it, cause nori hasnt seen the movie yet. im not that mean. but go and see the movie. cos its GGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDD. i luv it. like duh totally yeah baby. ok ill shut up. oh yeah and i was talking about sex and the city.
blaaaahblaaaah. pineapple.
i ate watermelon today.
is anyone else bored? im reaaaaallly bored. like anyone cares. tear.
noris leaving this fridayyy. omg its friday the 13th. omg weird. well whatever. yes ill shut up
xoxo gossip girl
haha. byes. yeah. something better next time not but yes.

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