Friday, June 13, 2008


tear. tear. tear. nori leaves today. im soooo sad. or like im sooooooooo happy for her. but im gonna miss her. tear. and oh well, shell come back. so like what ever. idontcare. yes i do. not.
im going to hanko today. like yeahhhh. just gonna hang there and eaaaaatttt. tons. ill get so fat i can't fit on the train back. no i wont. cos im perfect. yey. dont you like me being perfect. i like me being perfect. partyyy. not. yesyesyes.
everyone else is going to provinssi rock. i wanna go too!! they have like billy talent, linkin park, foo fighters, paramore, apulanta, kotiteollisuus.... ahhhhhh. I WANNA GOOOOOO!!!!! shitwhydomyparentshavetobeso..myparents?! its so unfair!!!! but next year im gonna go to like ruisrock and provinssi and and and... you know what i mean. im gonna be everywhere. like if you look to the right, im there. and if you look to the left, im there too. awesome, huh? coooolioooo.
i wanna go to provinssi.
hmmm. i need to spend like umm.. 2 hours and 35 minutes (which is something like 9300 seconds(?)).... hmmm. i could go shopping... but im saving money. hmm. ive been spending sooooo much again lately. -.- hmmm... maybe ill figure something out.
watch charlie the unicorn on youtube. thank you. see ya all sometime.
elvis has left the building.
puhunki suomee ni kukaa ei tajuu. lällää.
xoxo gossip girl

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