Sunday, June 15, 2008

zomg, internet !

heyy honey keep posting its nice to read it. but im not rly able to go on the internet, at least not for a suckss.
flight was k, and by k i mean it wsnt OMGGOOD but it was k. i bn eating so much´, lol :D uhh we were at my grandparents and now were at my other grandparents, like really. big surprise. but tmro well go to other cities, like alll around the country and dunno when im gonna see my friendz yet. and then il have to drive too yayy :d and shop shopshop. gonna start that tmro. i have to buy a phone card and then clothess:D
ah its so annoying, i cant go on msn or facebook :C only these sucky websitess. like not yet

bah its nice here the weather is like in finland, no big temperatures yet so its all cool.
i hate hungarian tv tho. they sub all the shitty movies and shiz. now theres some rly lame movie on tv but id rather enjoy ha....................................................

wow im gona stop now cuz now they started to piss me off. BOOOOOOOO !

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muhku said...

mis yaa! but like shopping. sooooo coooool. i wanna buy stuff sooooo bad!!! but im trying to not buy, cos i wanna buy florida. then ill own a lot of land. well tell me about your life there. haha :D